1 Day Bushcraft Discovery


Shelter Building

Our 1 Day Bushcraft Discovery Course.

No previous experience required. This course is aimed at those who have an interest in Bushcraft and would like to build their confidence before attending a weekend or overnight experience. It is designed to develop and introduce skills to you, but also help you decide whether you wish to continue along the Bushcraft and survival skills pathway. By the end of the course, you will have built a simple brushwood shelter or two, collected potable water, learnt how to light a fire without matches or a lighter, as well as other outdoor skills.

Start your trek to self-sufficiency. We need basic things to survive, this course covers the application of the basic skills required for bushcraft and survival and based on the four main priorities of survival: Protection (example shelter), fire, water and food. We can show you the way to obtain these essential skills needed to build a basic shelter, make a fire, to obtain water from natural

sources and how to source food from natures larder.

Course Content

  • Building woodland brushwood shelters
  • Sourcing, collecting, filtering, and sterilising water.
  • Fire lighting tuition using a variety of bushcraft methods
  • Intro to, and sample some safe foraged wild foods
  • Identification of other useful plants
  • Using and sharpening a bushcraft knife, saw, axe and other sharp implements safely
  • Making pot hangers
  • Choosing Bushcraft equipment
Shelter Buliding
Starting a Fire

0845 hrs, Meet and Greet at a pre-arranged meeting point, we then take a short drive to our parking area, we then have a short walk into the woodland camp. During the walk you will be shown various edible, and medicinal plants, also natural navigation.

When we arrive at camp there will be a nice brew waiting for us, whilst having your brew there will be a safety briefing to include knife safety, you are then issued with a fixed blade knife,

(to be handed back at end of the course). It’s now time for our first task of brushwood shelter building; looking at location, construction safety, materials, size and design. You will take part in a practical hands-on experience building an emergency shelter using only natural materials from the surrounding area. Depending on size of group 2 different demo shelters will be built

Task 2 Sourcing Water; location, safety, collection, filtration and sterilisation.

Once you have located a natural water source our instructors will explain and take you through the several methods of collecting, filtering, and purifying your water from natural resources making it safe to drink, using primitive, improvised methods, through to modern technical and mechanical pump systems.

Time for lunch, you will be provided with either fish, or game bird still in feather, (vegetarian, vegan, options will be available). Guided by our instructors you will prepare and cook your own food over an open fire, then relax and enjoy the efforts of your cooking skills. Living in the outdoors doesn't mean we don't eat well.

Cooking on a Open Fire


Our next task will be the ancient art of fire lighting. During the rest of the afternoon, we will be covering fire safety, siting, and management of the fire, the diverse methods of lighting a fire, including how to use a modern fire steel, flint and steel, friction fire lighting, and the many tinder’s that can be utilised with each method to successfully light a fire.

Water Filter

On completion of the fire lighting, we collect our packs and make our way to the parking area say our farewells.,1630 hrs leave for home.

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