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Bushcraft and Survival Courses

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Jeff Calligan Lead Instructor with Bear Grylls
Raised Platform Shelter
Fire Lighting
Stoking the fire on Bushcraft Course
Water Filter

These Bushcraft/Survival Courses run in the Brecon Beacons South Wales, are designed to give you an insight into what wilderness survival is all about, learning the skills needed to live in relative comfort in a sometimes hostile environment,using methods of our ancestors. Construction of brushwood shelters, finding collecting and sterilization of water, fire lighting without matches, introduction to collecting edible plants and fungi, uses of medicinal plants, traps and snares, game preparation, backwoods cooking, map and compass, survival navigation, river crossings, abseiling,S.O.S. The Bushcraft, Survival and Falconry courses are run in the Brecon Beacons National Park.

Jeff with his many years experience as a survival instructor in the UK, Australia, Malaysia, Norway, became the lead instructor and trainer in South Wales for BGSA from April 2014 continuing through 2020. Jeff helped train candidates from various parts of the UK as potential leaders for enrolment into the BGSA.

Bear Grylls Survival Academy partnering with Mountain and River Activities Ltd was launched April 26th 2014 in the Brecon Beacons at Pontneddfechan, Ystradfellte, Neath, South Wales.


Start your trek to self sufficiency. We need basic things to survive, shelter, water, fire and food. We can show you the way to obtain the skills needed to build a basic shelter, make a fire, to obtain water from natural sources and how to source food which is all around.

Cost £90.00 p.p. Min 6 people


This is the next stage to our bushcraft discovery program, a hands on experience. You will gain a better understanding of our amazing and abundant environment. Learn bushcraft skills, build and sleep in your own shelter, light your own fire without matches, collect and purify water,learn how to catch, cook and eat food in the wild. Learn practical and survival skills to help you understand and live in the wilderness.

Cost £175.00 p.p. Min 4 people


Water purification. Stalking, camouflage and concealment. Wild foraging. How to make a fire.Fitness and self-protection. Expedition packing.Route finding.

Ropes, knots and self-rescue. Moving in the mountains. Self-rescue in the mountains. Mountain weather. Survival in extreme mountain environments.

Natural navigation by day and night. Gorge Walking. Rope skills in the mountains. Route choice in the mountains.Traps and Snares. Dynamic Self Rescue Techniques. Navigating through caves and reading a cave map.

Cost £225.00 p.p. Min 6 people


These courses will give the family the opportunity to bond together in the great outdoors and give enthusiasts of all ages the chance to learn about extreme survival techniques.


These courses  will include a combination of survival skills and adventure tasks designed to put those who enrol to the test. The course will run in the Pontneddfechan / Ystradfellte area, across varied woodland, deep gorges with fast flowing rivers, and mountainous terrain.

A great opportunity for the family to work and play together learning new skills

Cost £175.00 for 1 Adult + 1 Child  add £40  per additional child.

Minimum 4 Families

Shelter Building
Bushcraft Boiling Water
Figure of 4 trap


We all have within ourselves the basic instincts and skills needed to survive. Now is the time to see if you can survive within our natural environment. Our 5 day Survival and Bushcraft course will teach you all the necessary skills to be able to live and survive comfortably in the wilderness. We will teach you how to draw on these basic instincts and skills needed to cope within the harshest of environments and take you on a 5 days experience of a life time.

This is a real hands on experience, back to basics, with the bare essential tools and equipment you need to survive. Living in the natural environment is an exhilarating experience but living off the natural environment is even better. Learn how to build your own comfortable shelter from natural surroundings. Collect natural resources and provisions from the country side. Build your own fire without matches for heat and protection. Catch skin and eat your own food or have fish for supper from a local stream. Collect and purify your own water. Look in depth into primitive survival and hunting techniques, knife work,tooling, snaring, skinning, camouflaging and self preservation. So be prepared to wash in the waterfalls,cook in the ground and sleep under the stars.

Cost £496.00 p.p. Min 3 people

Wild Foraging
Preparing Trout

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