This course will give the family the opportunity to bond together in the great outdoors.

Duration of this course is over a 24 hour period. A hands-on experience, which will enable parents and children, to gain a good understanding of our amazing and abundant environment. Learn bushcraft skills, build, and sleep in your own shelter, light your own fire without matches, collect, and purify water, learn methods of how to catch, cook, and eat food in the wild. Learn practical and survival skills to help you understand and live in the wilderness.


Saturday 10:45 hrs Meet and Greet at a pre-arranged meeting point, then we have a short walk into the woodland camp. This walk helps to set the scene for the weekend ahead and introduces you to the environment in which you will spend the next 24 hours. When we arrive at the camp one of the instructors, will then take you through knife safety and handling skills, also teach you various knot tying skills. Time for a cuppa and listen to the instructors outlining the rest of the course itinerary. Time to build your overnight accommodation (Brushwood Shelter), with a chat with an instructor about location, construction safety, materials, size and design. Build a good one, you will be staying in it overnight. Time for a snack, you will learn how to prepare and cook fish over an open fire and use natural materials to cook with, no modern equipment will be used.

We then have a busy afternoon, consisting of; first aid, fire lighting skills without matches, water collection and making it potable, natural navigation, foraging for natural foods in a sustainable manner from natures larder. Early evening, we get on with a hands-on session of game preparation, typically pigeon, squirrel or rabbit, we then prepare and cook the evening meal. While we are sitting down to dinner this will be a good time for a chat and re-cap the activities of the day.

We next take a look at the night sky constellations that can be used to navigate by, if there are no stars visible, we have a practical activity to show the constellations.  Time for bed.

Sunday begins with a military breakfast, followed by a demo and hands on setting of primitive snares and traps (including a chat on legal and ethical aspects of the subject matter).

Then time to de-rig camp, rig for AT, and leave camp, trek back to our vehicles.

Endex, participants depart 1115 hrs.

Our courses are run at a relaxed pace, with an element of fun, giving parents and children the chance to have a good experience whilst you are with us.

Brushwood Shelter
Shelter Building
Shelter Buliding
Using a Bow Drill for Fire Lighting
Fire LIghting
Fire Lighting
Water Purification
Coking on Open Fire