Rock Climbing
MARA Rock Climbing Morlais

Rock Climbing and Abseiling


Minimum Age – 8 Years

The perfect way to spend a few hours in the great Welsh outdoors!

Rock Climbing and Abseiling takes place at Dinas Rock and Morlais Castle here in the stunning Bannau Brycheiniog - Brecon Beacons National Park, it is a fantastic activity for both adults and kids. We have a wide range of exciting and challenging climbing routes on our doorstep, providing us with the flexibility to tailor our climbing sessions to suit you.

Our Rock Climbing and Abseiling days are designed as Taster/Improver Days and are ideal for beginners with little or no experience, who just want to have a go.

Rock Climbing

You will be equipped with a harness and helmet, ready to start your climbing experience. Your instructor will first go through a few warmup exercises to limber you up ready for the Rock, you will then be taught the technique of Traversing, which will involve moving along the rock face sideways, just a few inches off the ground, this technique is designed to teach you to look at hand and foot placement, “a key skill when climbing”, this is also a great warm up exercise. Once you have mastered this, you will be ready to put these newly developed skills to the test with a vertical ascent of the rock face, on reaching the top you will have a feeling of great exhilaration. Your instructor will coach you and build up your confidence and techniques so that by the end of the session you will acquire the skills and understanding to progress further and attain new heights in the world of rock climbing.


Abseiling/Rappelling go hand in hand with rock climbing, so once you have confidently reached the top of your climb, you may not be able to walk back down from the top of the crag, your instructor will show you how to set up abseil anchors, and show you abseil techniques, so that you may descend in safety back down to the bottom of the climb.

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MARA Rock Climbing
Rock Climbing Morlais Castle

Meeting Place


SA11 5ND

Climbing Location

Dinas Rock

Morlais Castle


4 Hours

MARA Abseiling Dinas Rock
Morlais Castle Rock Climbing
MARA Rock Climbing Great Day